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Southern States Rubber Mulch

Our Equestrian Rubber Mulch is an Industry Standard

Ground cover considerations are extremely important to those who own horses or run equestrian centers. The constant and extreme activity taking place on the grounds can make many materials prone to slipping, degrading, rotting, sliding, and piling at corners. Our rubber equestrian arena footing is heavy, durable, and perfect for your equestrian center.

Indoors or outdoors, rubber equestrian footing is not only long-lasting, but it also minimizes dust and moisture accumulation, avoids piling, and will not rot or settle over time. Our mulch is safe, environmentally friendly, and metal free. It provides the safest and most desirable surface option for horses and riders, and is far more shock absorbent than any other option.

With its durability and attractive finish, our equestrian rubber mulch has been repurposed for use in military grounds, athletic centers, on paintball courses and hiking trails, and in dog parks. It is the perfect ground cover for any area that is under extremely heavy use.

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Southwest Equestrian Rubber Mulch is available bagged in Super Sacks or by bulk via dump truck.

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