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Crumb Rubber Turf Infill

crumb rubber is used as infill between the turf fibersCrumb Rubber – Mesh Rubber is utilized on athletic fields (both artificial turf and natural turf), golf courses, recreational areas, equestrian riding rings, polo fields, horse tracks, softball & baseball fields, filed hockey, running tracks and high traffic areas on lawns. There are numerous industrial applications that mesh rubber is also used, including asphalt additive, asphalt crack sealants, non-slip additive to paints, OEM Manufacturing. Artificial turf fields – For football and soccer fields that have artificial surfaces, crumb rubber is used as infill between the turf fibers providing excellent drainage and a cushioning surface for the athletes. Crumb rubber is safe, non toxic and non abrasive.

Natural Turf Fields – The use of crumb rubber as topdressing for aerification is instrumental in aiding the turf. It will provide a reduction in soil compaction, improves drainage, extends the turf life, and reduces bare spots. It can be used as a soil amendment during grow-in as well. With reduced soil compaction and improved drainage, the natural turf fields will provide a safer surface for the athletes and extend the playing season of the fields.

Crumb rubber is a fantastic soil amendment for high traffic areas!Golf Courses – Ideal for all areas of a golf course, crumb rubber will improve turf conditions, provide better drainage and aids in playability. Start using crumb rubber on your cart path scatter areas, standing areas around the tee boxes, green to tee walkways and other traffic areas for improved turf and course appearance in one season. Green colored crumb rubber is available as well.

Recreational Areas, Parks and Lawns – Crumb rubber is a fantastic soil amendment for high traffic areas, increasing the beauty and extending the life of the turf. Avoid those worn out areas with mud puddles by using crumb rubber.

Equestrian Surfaces – Crumb rubber can be utilized in varying sizes as an equestrian surface or as an amendment to existing equestrian surfaces. Equestrian Crumb rubber will reduce dust, provide a cushioning effect to relieve stress on horses' joints, absorbs impact in case of a fall, improves drainage and does not freeze in the winter.

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