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Southern States Rubber Mulch

Southwest's landscape rubber mulch comes with a 12 Year Limited Warranty and is available in six vibrant colors:

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Boston Brown Rubber Mulch
Dark Brown
Pearl Black Rubber Mulch
Light Brown Rubber Mulch
Red Rubber Mulch
Grass Green Rubber Mulch
Caribbean Blue Rubber Mulch

CLICK HERE if you would like to order a sample of our Rubber Mulch product.

To order a sample of any of our rubber mulches, click here. If you have a project that will require more than 20 000 lbs of mulch, please check into our bulk pricing 407-601-7769.

Safe and Beautiful Rubber Landscape Mulch

Rubber mulch is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices to add to landscaping projects, both home and residential. Unlike wood mulch, our rubber mulch will never rot or discolor, settle, blow away or cause splinters. And you have the assurance that your mulch will look the same season after season, as our variety of six beautiful colored mulches resist fading.

The best landscapers and gardeners are environmentally conscious, and you can rest assured that our rubber mulch is a 100% recycled product, making use of old tired that would otherwise become landfill. The best landscapers and gardeners also know that wood mulch can attract pests, foster mosquito nesting, cause splinters, and be very uncomfortable to garden on. You can use less mulch to cover your ground, and without settling, rot and wind displacement, you will find that your garden looks as good at the end of the season as it did at the beginning.

Our guaranteed rubber mulches are the highest quality and best value. Try using our mulches for landscaping projects, flower beds and gardens (commercial or residential), to line or designate walkways or paths on your property, to designate parking without having to pave, to surround trees, shrubs and gardening areas, and to complement any home or landscaping project.

Southwest Rubber Mulch is hands-down the best investment for your ground cover budget. Our rubber landscaping mulch even comes with a replacement warranty! Our Recycled Rubber Mulch can be used for any kind of project you are planning, including:

Homeowners, schools, and commercial gardeners choose rubber mulch more and more because rubber mulch is:

  • Recycled Rubber Mulch Heavy! It won't blow away, settle or scatter. You will have to replace it less often, have a tidier garden, and have less maintenance to do
  • Non-Toxic! It is safe to use in your garden, and won't harm your plants, children or pets
  • Non-Staining! Color will remain vibrant in the mulch, and won't stain anything it comes into contact with
  • Pest-resistant! Make your garden less prone to pests, termites and mosquitoes
  • Attractive! Our mulch comes in a choice of six vibrant colors that will make any garden look amazing
  • Available in bulk! Need more than 20,000 lbs? Make sure to check out the discounted bulk pricing options
  • Guaranteed! All rubber mulch choices come with a 12 year limited guarantee

To order a sample of any of our rubber mulches, click here. If you have a project that will require more than 20,000 lbs of mulch, please check into our bulk pricing.

Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch
Cost Comparison
Based on 850 sq. ft. coverage
Mulch Type Installation
1st Year
5th Year
10th Year
Rubber Mulch 2" $998.00 $998.00 $998.00
Colored Wood Mulch 3" $300.00 $1500.00 $3000.00

Rubber Mulch will provide approximately $500 cost savings over 5 years and $2000 over a 10 year period as well as long lasting beauty and maintenance free yard!

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